takerzmuse: (Kain♥Ruka ♪ don't know where I stand ♫)
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takerzmuse: (Éclair ♥ Lumière ✖ versed in etiquette)
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► Posts may involve use of resources not listed. Those are things generally picked up from tutorials and the like as well as some image credit (too many fandoms to even BEGIN...but I try).

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takerzmuse: (Armbrust ♥ Pfeilspitze ✖ silence speaks)
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takerzmuse: (Allen ♥ Eries ✖ watching you walk away)
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takerzmuse: (Romeo ♥ Juliet ✖ ways you made me feel)
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takerzmuse: (Ichiru ♥ Zero ✖ as I fall apart for you)
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takerzmuse: (Lelouch ♥ Milly ✖ right by your side)
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takerzmuse: (Suzaku ♥ Lelouch ✖ too much too late)
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